Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A little inspiration for today: footage from 1930.

I know, I know...Annie Sullivan had only one student, and you probably have over twenty, maybe over thirty! Every teacher is called upon to be a special education teacher some of the time, and is afforded the chance of making a radical difference in someone's life. Prepare yourself to meet that challenge by checking out the excellent SERI gateway to on-line special education resources, to help you patiently and effectively individualize instruction to meet the unique needs of your students even in a crowded classroom.


Rawley said...

Esme, can I just tell you that I LOVE the new teacher site??! The links, the resources, the books--AWESOME! I can't wait to share the blog with my colleagues and read your new version of EDUCATING ESME.

Ashley Bianchi said...

Hello there!

I am currently in the elementary education program at North Central College, and my classroom management class has just finished reading "Educating Esme." Thank you so much for all of your advice on teaching, and thank you especially for your passionate and inspiring writing.

It might make you laugh a little to know that for Monday, my whole class is required to write individual essays on what we learned from "Educating Esme." Interesting, isn't it, that students are writing papers on your experiences? :)

Thanks so much for your time. I am hoping to receive a coupon for Borders soon in order to purchase you book on how to get children to read.

Have a great afternoon!

- Ashley